Literature and Art

Books related to literature and art, including the literary and visual heritage of Dutch and Limburg artists such as Pierre Kemp, Charles Eyck and Bernard Reith.

  • Bureau Kemp thumbnail


    3D-models in the Maastricht University Library
  • Audio objects

    A collection containing audio objects or links to audio representations
  • Choreographic fantasies - Revuetaferelen Pierre Kemp

    In 1931, Pierre Kemp made twelve color drawings or what might be called ‘choreographic fantasies’. Eleven of these have been preserved, the twelfth fantasy, entitled “Ideal Baby Competition” has not yet been found
  • Letters Pierre Kemp

    Kemp’s letter collection consists of correspondence between Kemp and Harry Prick, former director of the Literature Museum in The Hague
  • Manuscripts Pierre Kemp

    Kemp’s manuscript collection consists of a considerable collection of handwritten and typed versions of his poems. In addition, this collection contains drawings and an artificial red coloured Easter egg decorated with a poem in gold ink.
  • Pierre Kemp

    Collection of Maastricht-born Pierre Kemp (1886-1967). It contains various types of objects, such as books (his personal library), letters, manuscripts, radio fragments, graphic work, a Liber Amicorum (a handwritten book of friends including graphic work by well-known artists), vinyl records, a red egg decorated by him with a poem in gold ink, a desk, and a record cabinet.
  • Visual Arts Collection

    Depictions of visual arts
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